Rahistha Bhagwandin

The needs of my patients are always prioritized. l aim to treat patients as a whole and not in isolation. An accurate assessment is important as it determines the impairments and limitations specific to the patient. Therapy is then tailored   to the needs and goals of the patient. During treatment sessions, equal emphasis is placed on both physical and mental needs. Should the patient need a referral to other health care providers, recommendations will be provided.

  • Qualified physiotherapist specialising in the assessment and management of Musculoskeletal, Neurological and Respiratory Conditions
  • Special Interest in the Assessment and Management of Oncology Conditions
  • Certified PINC therapist (PINC & STEEL: NZ)
  • Registered with the Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and South African Physiotherapy Society (SASP)

Multidisciplinary approach

I firmly believe that optimal recovery is dependent on all spheres of the human body. Patients require comprehensive and cohesive support from their health care professionals to enable recovery. Communication with receptionists, doctors and colleagues is of paramount importance.

Balanced approach to therapy

There should be an equal balance between care and firmness. I aim to provide a sensitive and caring approach while still adhering to the therapy goals set by the patient

Dedication to professional growth

Ongoing professional development is the cornerstone of professional excellence. I am thirsty for knowledge and aim to improve my understanding and skill at every step.

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